Study Report on Social Analysis of Sustainable Tourism Development as a Contributor to the Economic Development of Tasmania

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The study was commissioned by the Department of the Environment to support regional sustainability planning. The purpose of study was to explore the attitudes towards sustainable tourism development in sensitive areas recognised for the presence of Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) in Tasmania. The research was conducted in three significant regions of Tasmania: the Tarkine, the Bay of Fires and the Bathurst Harbour. The report is an output of the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub.

We used an economic analysis to explore the likely economic impacts and develop tourism development scenarios that were linked to current visitation trends to Tasmania. The outcomes of this research were a series of recommendations for acceptable tourism development scenarios that can inform local and regional planning frameworks in Tasmania.

A four-page summary outlining the research is also available: What do people think about Sustainable Tourism in Tasmania?

An article related to the research appeared in The Conversation: Paradise gained – how tourism could help Tasmania’s wilderness.

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Type of Publication Report
Year of Publication 2014
Institution University of Tasmania
Type Report
Authors Hardy A, Pearson L, Davidson P, Kriwoken L
Pagination 164
Date Published 12/2014
ISBN Number 978-1-86295-767-1
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