A review of conservation project selection criteria in the Midlands Biodiversity Hotspot Tender, Tasmania: sensitivity to project duration and auction budget

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The purpose of the report is to provide a summary of how a biodiversity conservation tender operated, including a sensitivity analysis based on submitted offers. The report focuses on the Midlands Biodiversity Hotspot Tender program in Tasmanian and briefly outlines other environmental tender processes as context. The detailed description of the Midlands Biodiversity Hotspot Tender process includes the metrics used to evaluate the bids, a summary of the auction outcomes and the outcomes of the sensitivity analysis. The report informs the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub’s development of tools, techniques and policy options to integrate biodiversity into regional scale planning. It is a background report in support of the Economic Futures research conducted in the hub. The report was produced by the Economics Futures Project in collaboration with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy.

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Type of Publication Report
Year of Publication 2013
Institution University of Tasmania
Type Hub Output
Authors Iftekhar S, Tisdell J, Sprod D
Pagination 23
Date Published 03/2013
Report Number LaP 2013/0305 - 2
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