Review of conservation covenanting programs in Tasmania, Australia. Biological Conservation

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Conservation covenanting has become an important policy tool in promoting biodiversity conservation on private lands. Existing studies have focused either on the economic performance of specific programs or the ecological performances of conservation programs. There is a lack of comprehensive economic analysis of private land covenant policies at a wider regional level using long-term data, particularly in Australia.

In this paper, we analyse a range of institutional and ecological factors affecting three main attributes (size, financial incentive and conservation value scores) of covenants in Tasmania, Australia. Institutional factors include project selection and tender based mechanisms.

While the project selection mechanism (tender versus negotiation) does not influence the average size of the covenant, the choice of tender-based selection mechanism increases the incentive payment of securing covenants significantly. Covenants with an active management requirement may require a higher rate of incentive payment. It is also found that landholders were more likely to enrol areas with higher ecological values for higher incentive payment.


  • Data on area and financial incentive for Tasmanian covenants were collected.
  • The influence of key institutional and ecological factors was analysed.
  • The choice of a tender-based selection mechanism increased the incentive rate.
  • Covenants with an active management requirement required higher rates of incentive.
  • Covenants with higher ecological values required higher incentive payments.

Article first published online: 8 December 2013

Volume 169, January 2014, Pages 176–184

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This article further reports on the initial analyses by Iftekhar, Tisdell and Sprod, A review of conservation project selection criteria in the Midlands Biodiversity Hotspot Tender, Tasmania: sensitivity to project duration and auction budget, a hub report published March 2013.


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Type of Publication Journal Article
Year of Publication 2014
Authors Iftekhar MS, Tisdell JG, Gilfedder L
Volume 169
Pagination 176 - 184
Date Published 1/2014
Journal Biological Conservation
ISSN 00063207
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