Landscape Logic: Integrating Science For Landscape Management

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Landscape Logic: Integrating Science for Landscape Management, is the product of a 4 year research partnership and describes the collaboration between five universities, six catchment management organisations, CSIRO and four state and federal environment agencies.

This partnership was formed to examine environmental change in Tasmania and northern Victoria, and where possible, detect the impact of past environmental programs.

A major finding of the project was the need to integrate ecological and social research to track changes in the state of the environment

  •     Landscape-scale analysis was necessary to measure patterns of change in the environment.
  • Property-scale analysis through landholder surveys was required to distinguish between human and other drivers of change by determining who did what, when, why and with whose money.
  • Site scale investigation was necessary to understand the ecological processes that produced the observed change
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Type of Publication Book
Year of Publication 2012
Publisher CSIRO Publishing
Authors Lefroy EC, Curtis A, Jakeman A, McKee J
Number of Pages 298
ISBN 9780643103542
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