Land cover change in a Tasmanian rural landscape - conference poster

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The Tasmanian Midlands are an interesting case study as the transition from a traditional hunter-gather to agricultural economy
coincided with the beginning of the Anthropocene (c. 1780). With a climate similar to England and expanses of open grassy woodlands, the region was much favoured for grazing and cropping.
Key Findings:
• Above ground biomass is down 38% from 1788 levels
• Replanting 23% of the area would replace the 1940s – 2010s carbon debt


A poster prepared for the 2014 Conference of the Ecological Society of Australia.


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Type of Publication Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2014
Publisher University of Tasmania
Authors Romanin L, Bowman DMJS, Prior LD, Williamson GJ
Date Published 09/2014
Conference Name 2014 Conference of the Ecological Society of Australia
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