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Five NERP Researchers were in the spotlight at a seminar of the Hunter and Central Coast Regional Environmental Management Strategy (11 Sept 2013). Chris Raymond and Alex Lechner from the Landscapes and Policy Hub presented their recent work on Mapping Community Values and Wildlife Corridors Planning. Three researchers from the Environmental Decisions Hub (Amy Whitehead, Heini Kujala and Christopher Ives) also presented. The research was done in close consultation with the Regional Sustainability Planning Team in Department of the Environment as important contributions to the Lower Hunter Strategic Assessment. Many people at the seminar endorsed the relevance and value of the research to local and state planning processes.

Information sheets for each project were specially written for the general managers of local councils to help inform them of the four important projects contributing to the regional sustainability planning for the Lower Hunter. The independent research is jointly undertaken by the Australian Government and the Government of NSW. The research was funded by the Australian Government through the Sustainable Regional Development Program and National Environmental Research Program (NERP), which supports science that informs environmental policy and decision making.

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