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As part of the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub  Ms Sarah Clement (PhD scholar) is evaluating how institutions support or constrain biodiversity conservation in the Australian Alps and Tasmanian Midlands. This information will help identify new opportunities and ways in which governance can be adapted to conserve biodiversity at a landscape scale. This doctoral research is contributing to the hub outputs.

Despite global institutional commitments to significantly slow biodiversity loss, biodiversity continues to decline and pressures on ecosystems increase. The Hawke Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) recommended a number of policy and planning reforms to remedy perceived shortcomings in the act, including a shift to more landscape-scale approaches.

Governance has an important role to play in supporting this shift to more landscape-scale approaches. This requires the collective action of individuals and organisations, at multiple levels of governance, with the authority, capacity and responsibility for biodiversity conservation. The way individuals and organisations are organised is the subject of this research.

The aim of Sarah's study is to review current institutional arrangements, and develop alternative governance options that a) support biodiversity conservation at a landscape-scale and b) support ecosystem resilience. Read more about Sarah's study in her literature review:  Biodiversity Governance in the Tasmanian Midlands and Australian Alps – a preliminary literature review, [publication:130:image]

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Year of Publication 2013
Authors Clement S, Gaynor SM
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