Information Sheet - Applying the principles of adaptive management to the application, selection and monitoring of environmental projects

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This four-page policymakers summary supports the full report of the study that involved reviewing the application, selection and evaluation processes used in  public environmental funding programs with the aim of improving their ability to report on the impacts of their funding.

The team developed an eight step model for the project application process based on the adaptive management cycle (1. Goal → 2. Threats → 3. Interventions → 4. Indicators & metrics → 5. Measuring change → 6. Attribution → 7. Impact → 8. Review & Reporting). The model was revised following a review of program-level goals and background material provided to applicants to the Biodiversity Fund and Caring for our Country programs. It was then tested against a selection of the original applications for completed projects that were considered by the Department of the Environment to have been successful.

Finally a set of guidelines were developed for project application forms and assessment criteria that could be used in future environmental funding programs.

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Type of Publication Miscellaneous
Year of Publication 2013
Authors Gaynor S, Lefroy T
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