Connecting landholders with researchers

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Connecting landholders with researchers is the story of the first year of research for the Landscapes and Policy Hub. The article featuring  research focused on the Tasmanian Midlands, appeared in the DPIPWE newsletter 'Running Postman' in June 2013 and is sent to landholders in the Tasmanian Midlands, along with conservation interest groups throughout Tasmania. The article includes four research highlights extracted from the hub's first annual highlights publication:

Research Highlight 1: Mapping wildlife refuges from satellites

Research Highlight 2: Species on the Move

Research Highlight 3: Temperature the big threat to freshwater biodiversity

Research Highlight 4: Protecting biodiversity with incentive programs

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Type of Publication Magazine Article
Year of Publication 2013
Type of Article Newletter Article
Authors Gaynor SM
Issue Number 15
Date Published 01/06/2013
Magazine Running Postman
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