Cattle grazing does not reduce fire severity in eucalypt forests and woodlands of the Australian Alps

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Landsate satellite-derived data for two fires (2003/2007) in the Victorian Alps were used to assess the impact of cattle grazing in a national park on fire severity in woody and forest vegetation. Fire severity was compared across grazing lease boundaries in several vegetation categories.

No positive association between the presence of cattle grazing and a reduction in fire severity was found. Given the preference for cattle to graze in higher-elevation grass and herb communities, there appears to be no mechanism for cattle to reduce fuel loads, fire severity or fire intensity in alpine forest ecosystems.

Article first published on line on 22 November 2013  DOI: 10.1111/aec.12104

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Type of Publication Journal Article
Year of Publication 2013
Authors Williamson GJ, Murphy BP, Bowman DMJS
Pagination n/a - n/a
Date Published 12/2013
Journal Austral Ecology
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