Australian Alps Socio-Economic Profile Report

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The Australian Alps Socio-Economic Profile brings together census data on the social characteristics of the areas. It includes an interpretation of what the census data tells us about the study areas’ capacity to engage in various biodiversity conservation options.  The report uses secondary census data on the social characteristics of the Australian Alps. It provides a social profile that will inform the identification of potential futures for the region and help shape options for institutional, planning and management arrangements directed towards improving biodiversity outcomes. The information presented is primarily drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Censuses of Population and Housing (2001, 2006, 2011). The report was produced by the Social and Institutional Futures Team and is an output of the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub.

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Type of Publication Report
Year of Publication 2013
Institution University of Tasmania
Type Hub Output
Authors Gadsby S, Lockwood M, Moore S, Curtis A, Joyce S
Pagination 25
Date Published 06/2013
Report Number LaP2013/0630 - 6
ISBN Number 978-1-86295-709-1
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