Australian Alps - Understanding and designing fit–for–purpose institutions for conserving biodiversity

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The Australian Alps is a nationally significant landscape rich in biodiversity features, and cultural and natural heritage. The protected area status of most of this landscape means these features are under secure tenure, but they nevertheless face an uncertain future. 

Pressures such as climate change, invasive species and bushfires are coupled with shifting community attitudes toward national parks and their use. We can mitigate many of these pressures by making better decisions and adapting to social and ecological change.

Institutions underpin decision–making, thus they are critical for achieving the goal of a healthy Australian Alps landscape. A recent legislative review has called on Australia to reform its institutions and look beyond threatened species to conserve biodiversity at the landscape scale. To advise on potential reforms, it is first necessary to analyse current arrangements. 

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Year of Publication 2014
Authors Clement S, Gaynor S
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