2014 Research Highlights

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The annual research highlights focus on various research achievements of the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub.

In 2011, the Landscapes and Policy Hub set out to answer the question ‘What would a whole of landscape approach to biodiversity conservation look like?’ Focusing on the two case study areas of the Tasmanian Midlands and the Australian Alps, we are developing tools, techniques and policy options to support landscape-scale biodiversity planning.

In 2012, we formed a strategic partnership with the Australian Alps Liaison Committee to align our research with the operational needs of alps managers. Almost two years on, we are seeing the fruits of our efforts, with several practical and operational tools under development in collaboration with alps managers. In April 2014, we presented this research to the IUCN/AALC Alps Science Management Forum. This snapshot provides an overview of these tools as well as our research in our other major case study area, the Tasmanian Midlands.

  1. Reshaping alpine landscapes
  2. A new tool to help manage invasive animals
  3. Remote detection of impacts of invasive animals
  4. Alpine bog modelling
  5. Does grazing reduce fire intensity?
  6. Engineering bettongs
  7. Temperature the big threat to freshwater biodiversity
  8. Sustainable tourism in Tasmania
  9. Fire hazard mapping in real time
  10. Designing wildlife corridors
  11. Governance options for biodiversity conservation
  12. Species on the move
  13. Review of biodiversity planning and assessment
  14. Mapping wildlife refuges with satellites


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