2013 Research Highlights

Hub Publication

The annual research highlights publication focuses on various research achievements of the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub.

In 2012, the hub reached its full complement of 36 researchers, working closely with the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, and collaborating with staff from environment agencies in four states (NSW, Vic, Tas and ACT). In developing new approaches to biodiversity conservation, the hub is testing concepts in three case study regions: the Tasmanian Midlands, the Australian Alps and the Lower Hunter Region (NSW). The snapshot gives a taste of the hub's research, featuring 15 projects and publications from 2012/2013:

  1. Mapping wildlife refuges with satellites
  2. Remote detection of the impacts of invasive species
  3. Species on the move
  4. A new tool to assist management of invasive species
  5. Reshaping landscapes
  6. Understanding Institutions
  7. Temperature the big threat to freshwater biodiversity
  8. Landscape logic: integrating science for landscape management
  9. National award for climate change information
  10. Review of biodiversity planning and assessment
  11. Sensitivity of market based instruments to selection criteria
  12. Does grazing reduce fire intensity?
  13. Reflecting community values in regional planning
  14. Designing market based instruments for corridors
  15. Fire hazard mapping in real-time
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