Project 2 - Social & Institutional Futures

The Social and Institutional Futures Project is analysing the current institutional, social and economic conditions relevant to biodiversity conservation in the two study regions. From this analysis, they are developing an understanding of the social and ecological drivers of biodiversity at regional scale and identifying the institutional, planning and policy options best suited to management of biodiversity at this scale under plausible and realistic scenarios of natural and human induced change.

The Social and Institutional Futures Team is led by Dr Michael Lockwood (University of Tasmania) and Associate Professor Sue Moore (Murdoch University). The team includes social researchers Dr Michael Mitchell (University of Tasmania), Professor Allan Curtis (Charles Sturt University) and Dr Christopher Raymond (Charles Sturt University), and PhD student Sarah Clement (Murdoch University). Sam Gadsby completed her masters with the team in 2012. Janice Miller joined the team in 2013 as a master student.

The Social and Institutional team is identifying promising institutional, policy and planning reforms that address the plausible and realistic biodiversity trajectories generated by the Ecological Futures Theme. They will also be evaluating potential uptake issues and barriers to the adoption of these institutional, policy and planning reform options.

The team is using existing datasets (Australian Bureau of Statistics), targeted surveys, interviews and stakeholder workshops to specify current and likely future institutional, social and economic conditions relevant to biodiversity conservation.

This page was last updated on April 14, 2013