Final Research Highlights - 2015

TitleFinal Research Highlights - 2015
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsLefroy EC, SM G
AbstractTools, techniques & policy pathways... In 2011, the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub set out to answer the question: ‘What would a whole of landscape approach to biodiversity conservation look like?’ Focusing on two case study areas, the Tasmanian Midlands and the Australian Alps, the Landscapes and Policy Hub developed a range of tools, techniques and policy pathways to help planners and environmental managers make decisions. These tools are designed to help managers consider the multiple impacts of human and natural influences on biodiversity over entire regions, and identify where they can most effectively intervene to protect and improve natural values. To ensure the tools were practical and relevant, we worked closely with staff and land managers from state governments and non–government organisations in Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and the ACT. The hub also travelled through the two case study areas, meeting with land managers, landholders and traditional owners to understand biodiversity values and challenges. We believe that what we learned and developed is applicable to landscapes and regions anywhere. Find out more about our tools, techniques and policy pathways by reading the final highlights summary or see the detailed story and all the research outputs at the final website:
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