Project 8 - Freshwater Ecosystems

Photogtpher: Suzie Gaynor
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The Freshwater Ecosystems Project is developing a suite of models to enable managers and planners to explore freshwater ecosystem responses to management interventions and climate change for the Tasmanian Midlands (with an emphasis on the impacts of intensifying agriculture) and the Australian Alps (with an emphasis on alpine and sub-alpine wetlands and bogs). Planners and managers will have the ability to explore responses of freshwater ecosystems to scenarios of management interventions and climate change.

Based at the University of Tasmania, Professor Peter Davies leads the Freshwater Ecosystems Project that includes Dr Regina Magierowski (Stream Ecologist) and Trish Clements (Masters Student).

The Freshwater Ecosystems team will use current and historical environmental data on landuse, water use and other key human drivers in combination with ecological data collected from gradient surveys to model the scale, extent and intensity of human impacts on conservation management priorities for rivers. Professor Davies is also working in collaboration with Associate Professor Leon Barmuta on an NCCARF project that joins the dots by integrating climate and hydrological projections with freshwater ecosystem values to develop adaptation options for conserving freshwater biodiversity in Tasmania.

The full suite of models will help planners and managers explore the implications of different combinations of policies, management interventions and climate change scenarios on the ecological condition and conservation value of freshwater ecosystems.




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