Project 5 - Climate Futures

Project Leader: 

The Climate Futures Project has developed fine-scale regional climate projections for Tasmania to 2100 as part of the Climate Futures for Tasmania project (2007-2010). Their role in the Landscapes and Policy Hub is to generate similar fine-scale resolution climate projections for the Australian Alps and work with hub researchers and land managers to apply these unique regional climate projections to the conservation of biodiversity.

Professor Nathan Bindoff leads the Climate Futures team and key contributors are Dr Bec Harris (Climate Research Fellow), Dr Greg Lee (Climate Modeller) and Paul Fox-Hughes (Bushfire Weather Analyst).

In consultation with land managers and hub researchers, they are generating ecological indices that can be used with multi-model projections of future climate in Tasmania and the Australian Alps.

Using the new climate projections, researchers, planners and managers will have a greater capacity to explore the likely implications of climate change on priority species, communities and threatening processes.




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