Project 4 - Bioregional Futures

Project Leader: 

The Biological Futures Project is applying a range of tools and techniques to represent characteristics of landscape ecosystems and patterns of diversity under scenarios of natural and human induced change. Using spatial multi criteria analysis to identify landscape-scale conservation management responses, their research will lead to an improved understanding of the relationships between functional and compositional aspects of biodiversity at regional scale.

Professor Brendan Mackey, Director of the Climate Change Response Program at Griffith University, leads the Bioregional Futures team. Team members include from the Griffith University, Dr Sue Gould (Field Ecologist), and The Australian National University based GIS and Spatial Analysis specialists, Luciana Porfirio and Sonia Hugh.

The researchers are using habitat suitability modelling and satellite imagery to identify refuges against drought, climate change and fire and relate compositional and functional aspects of biodiversity. As a result of this research, planners and managers will have access to a range of rapid assessment tools and techniques for representing key ecosystem characteristics and patterns of diversity under different scenarios of natural and human induced change





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