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Chris Johnson (24 March 2015) Tasmania’s fox hunt was worth it, even if there were no foxes

Brendan Mackey (29 January 2015) Explainer: wilderness, and why it matters

Anne Hardy (16 January 2015)  Paradise gained – how tourism could help Tasmania’s wilderness.

David Bowman (8 January 2015) Ship Australia’s wildlife out to sea to save it from extinction

David Bowman (4 Sept 2014) Tasmania scraps ‘peace deal’ that protects native forests

David Bowman (8 Aug 2014) Explainer: back burning and fuel reduction

Andrew Campbell (20 May 2014) Another broken promise: budget switches Landcare for Green Army

David Bowman (16 May 2014) Tasmanian forestry plans a revival beyond World Heritage

Lynda Prior (24 February 2014) Catch-22: big trees fights climate change but suffer heat.

Andrew Campbell (19 Feb 2014) A wet warning from Australia’s Top End on rising sea levels

Ted Lefroy (29 Jan 2014) Bushfires: what we can learn from Hobart’s near miss

David Bowman (15 January 2014) Our deadly bushfire gamble: risk your life or bet your house.

Chris Johnson (10 Jan 2014) Marsupial extinctions: don’t blame the dingoes

David Bowman (9 December 2013) Restoration won’t work: a new way to fix old mines

Grant Williamson (26 November 2013)  New research shows alpine grazing does not reduce blazing

David Bowman (30 October 2013) Did fire kill off Australia’s megafauna?

David Bowman (18 October 2013) Tasmanian bushfires: should we have trusted the models?

David Bowman (21 August 2013) Are Australian national parks becoming empty churches?

Andrew Campbell (13 August 2013) We need a smarter debate on developing northern Australia

David Bowman (10 August 2013) Saving the world with cows: why the simple ideas don’t work

Sue Moore (07 August 2013) Our national parks need visitors to survive.

Andrew Campbell (18 Jul 2013)  Revegetation helps fix climate, but Australia would rather clear land

Andrew Campbell (13 Jul 2013) Thinking corporately: getting national parks on national balance sheets

Fay Johnson & David Bowman (27 Jun 2013) Southeast Asian smoke warns of never-ending fires

David Bowman (18 June 2013) Bad bushfire planning burns money

Chris Johnson (2 May 2013) Australian endangered species: Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

Jason Alexandra & Andrew Campbell  (05 Apr 2013) Can we resolve the ‘peak everything’ problem?

David Bowman (08 Mar 2013) We need to think about fire in Tasmania's forests

David Bowman (02 Mar 2013) Winning the climate debate by adapting

Chris Johnson (13 Feb 2013) Is it too late to bring the red fox under control?

David Bowman (05 Feb 2013) The Tasmanian microcosm – a post-resource test bed for sustainability

Brett Murphy (20 Dec 2012) Scientists and national park managers are failing northern Australia’s vanishing mammals

David Bowman (29 Nov 2012) Biodiversity crisis demands bolder thinking than bagging national parks

Barbara Norman (20 Nov 2012) World Bank calls for greater climate preparedness – in Australia, planning unravels

Chris Johnson (12 Nov 2012) Hunting or climate change? Megafauna extinction debate narrows

Andrew Campbell (13 Nov 2012) Coal seam gas: just another land use in a big country

Andrew Campbell (18 Oct 2012) Australia and the global scramble for natural resources

David Bowman (27 Sept 2012) Hot issue – bushfires, powerlines and climate change

David Bowman (23 Aug 2012) Christine Milne: the economy must serve people and nature, not vice-versa

David Bowman (8 Aug 2012) Hoorah for Mars, but why not more curiosity about life on Earth?

Andrew Campbell (8 Aug 2012) Part two: running dry – the worrying repercussions of running down irrigation research

Graham Harris (6 Aug 2012) Apocalypse Not: doomsday thinkers of Oz should get out more

Andrew Campbell (3 Aug 2012) Part One: Irrigation R&D drying up – a looming weakness for Australia

Andrew Campbell (13 Jul 2012) Thinking corporately: getting national parks on national balance sheets

Allan Curtis (13 Jul 2012) Australia's place in the global food chain: time to wise up

Graham Harris (28 Jun 2012) Ecology is failing and needs to be freed from our limitations

Barbara Norman (20 Jun 2012) Rio+20 puts the case for more sustainable cities – is Australia ready?

David Bowman (13 June 2012) UN produces another boring global environmental warning; world continues not caring

Chris Johnson (08 May 2012) Watching over livestock: our guardian animals

Graham Harris (30 Apr 2012) Science’s stagnant thinking: our rivers need a revolution

Justin Norrie writes about Chris Johnson's 'Science' journal article (23 Mar 2012) Hunters, not climate change, killed giant beasts 40,000 years ago

David Bowman (10 Feb 2012) Elephants on grass: only lively debate can save Australia’s environment

David Bowman (02 Feb 2012) Elephants may reduce bush fire risk

David Bowman (23 Jan 2012) Will climate change increase bushfires? Not knowing is no excuse for not talking

David Bowman (08 Nov 2011) Are national parks the best way to conserve nature?

David Bowman (31 Oct 2011) Are national parks the best way to conserve?

Nick Beeton (19 Oct 2011) Saving the Tasmanian devil: if not by selective culling, then how?

Brendan Wintle (20 Sept 2011) Spending to save: what’s the best use of our conservation dollar?

David Bowman (19 Sept 2011) Playing with fire - life on our flammable planet is about to get hotter

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