Tools & Techniques

A forum for Tasmanian biodiversity conservation practitioners to discover the new tools, techniques and policy pathways developed by the Landscapes and Policy Research Hub to assist biodiversity conservation practice and policy. (Wednesday, 10 December 2014, 9.00am – 4.00pm, at Hobart Grand Chancellor)
The Tools & Techniques featured (click on the summaries to read more):

Workshop A: Systems approaches to improved planning (Dr Michael Mitchell

Workshop B: Improving governance for an uncertain future (Prof Sue Moore

Overview of Systems Approaches and Imrpoving Governance for Biodiversity Conservation Summary

Social-Economic Profile of the Tasmanian Midlands Summary

Workshop C: Water management tools to explore irrigation and conservation (Dr Danielle Warfe) 

Workshop D: Future Tasmanian Landscapes: projecting the distribution of vegetation communities under climate change (Dr Bec Harris

The fate of species under climate change Summary

Managing Tasmania's endangered grasslands Summary

Workshop E: Connecting wildlife: closing gaps with the ‘Gap GLoSR’ model (Dr Alex Lechner)

Workshop F: Modelling the spread of invasive species with the SPADE model (Dr Nick Beeton)

Workshop G: Species on the move: weather variability and climate refuges for 230 Tasmanian vertabrates (Prof Chris Johnson)

Climate-Niche Modelling Summary

Fallow Deer in Tasmania Summary

Workshop H Fire tools at your fingertips:real-time fire hazard mapping, online fire history and future fire danger (Prof David Bowman & Paul Fox-Hughes)

Workshop I: Identifying aquatic refuges with spatial multi-criteria analysis for biodiversity conservation (Dr Reg Magierowski

MCAS-S for Ecologists Summary

Balancing river health - a 'what if' tool Summary

Workshop J: Managing endangered species with spatial multi-criteria analysis (Dr Luciana Porfirio)

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